Einstein once remarked “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Not every student’s competencies are accurately measurable in the way an education system could standardize.  Many exceptionally talented and gifted students don’t cut it in the board exams due to various reasons. However it does not mean that they are: academically incompetent and hence do not deserve a second chance,  should not get the best quality education that their counterparts are eligible for. To address this issue, New Shores Governing Council decided to launch ‘Inclusive Education Program’  in 2014 to provide 2nd PUC/12th incomplete students an opportunity to complete 2nd PU/12th standard qualification, and progress to undergraduate program affiliated to Bangalore University. Since 2014, the IEP has helped over 5800 students to overcome their PU exam failure without wasting a year and pursue degree under Bangalore University successfully.

New Shores along with SASE- System for Alternative Schooling and Education facilitates bridge course and credit transfer scheme to complete the 12th standard qualification from Northwest Accreditation Commission.  The 12th standard qualification from NWAC is fully recognised by the Government of Karnataka, Government of India, AIU, MHRD, COBSE and all other statutory government bodies in India. 

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Recognition of IEP

The 12th standard qualification awarded via Bridge Course for Inclusive Education Program is fully recognised by the state and central governments, along with the global recognition across 120 countries.

The qualification awarding body for our Bridge Course is Northwest Accreditation Commission. Northwest Accreditation Commission, NWAC, USA is one of the six US Regional Accrediting Agencies, accrediting schools for about 100 years, since its establishment in 1917, by the Federal Government of United States of America. NWAC, USA is a part of the largest and most prestigious K-12 accreditation consortium in the world that currently serves as a trusted accreditor to over 40,000 schools of educational excellence in 80+ countries, positively touching the lives of over 2 million educators and 20 million students.

In India, NWAC is recognised by, and also a member of, COBSE- Council of Boards of School Education, a government body vested with powers to recognise school qualification awarding boards in India. The 12th standard qualification- American High School Diploma awarded by NWAC is equivalent to the state and the central government boards’, such as CBSE, ICSE, and Karnataka PU Department,  12th standard qualification. Students are also eligible for Equivalence Certificate, and they can obtain it from the Association of Indian Universities- a government body under MHRD authorised to equate foreign board’s qualification in India.  

The NWAC 12th Standard American High School Diploma qualification is eligible and recognised for the following progression including but not limited to:

1. Central and state government jobs including armed forces recruitment
2. Higher Education ie undergraduate or other equivalent programs in government and private universities  across India
3. Study abroad eligibility for undergraduate courses in more than 120 countries   

4. Vocational courses in India and abroad which require 12th standard qualification as the eligibility

5. Eligibility for competitive examinations conducted by the government recruitment bodies such as UPSC, KPSC, etc.
6. Eligibility for standardised entrance test such as JEE, AIEEE, KCET, NCLAT, NEET, etc.

Important Note:

SASE is the only authorised school by COGNIA NWAC and Govt. of Karnataka to offer Bridge Course for 2nd PUC failed students in Karnataka. SASE does not have any consultant in any part of the state, students must practice caution when a consultant/entity/individual claim to represent SASE or NWAC in Karnataka.

What next after the 2nd PU failed students join the degree program? The students coming in the classroom will have all the educational components same as other merit students, there is no distinction between students who come via Inclusive Education, and those through regular merit admissions. As a matter of policy, students credentials and academic background are kept confidential, enabling  students to study confidently with other students.

For Bridge Course, Credit-Transfer, and completing 2nd PUC immediately, please contact: 88008-83871

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