New Shores International College is an innovative and dynamic college which delivers the best in inter-disciplinary education in a unique, and uniquely stimulating, way. Our cross-disciplinary approach educates students to think both widely and deeply, allowing the intellect to explore beyond the confines of a traditional education. Graduates leave New Shores as well-informed and rounded personalities, able to apply wide-ranging analytical & creative skills and aware of the wider world and their own potential to operate within it.

The New Shores educational philosophy distinguishes between “expanding the mind’s powers” and “storing it with knowledge”. Naturally, our students are required to learn and retain a body of data, but, crucially, they are also taught to apply critical analysis and creativity to whatever that data might be.

Distinctly from other institutions, we at New Shores regard a college education as a time of discovery, where curiosity must be encouraged and the questions should never stop coming.  We want our students to be courageous and imaginative, and we recognise that that also means failing – and then learning from failure – in order to achieve even greater success. We demand from our students that they interest themselves in subjects outside the narrow curriculum imposed by more traditional learning establishments: at New Shores, we believe artists learn from scientists, scientists from managers and managers from artists.

We achieve these challenging goals by structuring our programmes into two phases: in the first, students apply themselves to a wide range of studies; in the second, they study within a single faculty. Thirty-six term courses must be successfully completed by each candidate working towards a bachelor degree. Some of these will be within one major discipline; however, New Shores’ philosophy requires that students also spend time working across other disciplines. This enables our students to benefit not only from the acquisition of an exceptionally wide range of data, but also to discover diverse approaches to studying, which they can then apply to their eventual choice of programme.

Furthermore, we demand that students retain and build on the fundamental skills they have brought with them from high school, whatever their choice of discipline at college: writing, quantitative reasoning, and knowledge of at least one foreign language are fundamental for all graduates today. Too often, students leave behind one or more of these essential skills, or lose them by focusing on too narrow a course of study at college: New Shores graduates are ‘Renaissance men and women’, able to converse across disciplines and operate in the widest range of professional and social environments.

At New Shores, we are fully aware that our graduates must be equipped to operate successfully in an increasingly globalised world, and we pride ourselves on our international links and outlook. Every New Shores student should arrive with the ambition of heading out into that world: we encourage all students to spend some time abroad learning during their college years, whether that be a internship, a term, or a whole year.