WELCOME from the New Shores team!

A former faculty of XLRI, SP Jain, American University of Armenia, and consultant to Bank of Muscat, Dutch Government, and Mahindra Automobiles has a radical view to education and foresees New Shores catalyzing the revolution in liberal education in the country.

All of us in the New Shores International College team, would like to extend a warm welcome to our new students, and their parents.

We welcome you to a journey that will not only help you further your skills and expertise in different academic domains, but also enable you to discover your passion, differentiate between what you really want to do and what is expected of you, and strike a sensible balance between your personal goals and your practical context. This process should empower you to think of achieving better than your best – not just for yourself, but for your community, your country, and for all those around you, as a worthy citizen of the world in the 21st century.

In this journey, the New Shores team is committed to lead, support and follow the student community. The three way equation between the faculty and management in New Shores, the students, and the community, needs to be balanced equitably at all times for the vision of the institution to be achieved – catalyzing change for a better world. We also hope to create a platform for students to be able to launch creatively into any area of their choice, with confidence, domain expertise and an intimate knowledge of their own skills and competencies.

Towards this vision, we invite all students to collaborate with each other, the faculty and the community to build an atmosphere that allows for brilliant innovation as well as spectacular failures. This requires trust and respect between every member of the New Shores community. As we build this community together, let us create a better world within these shores that we can then extend to the world outside.