Welcome to New Shores International College, an institution founded on passion, dedication, and innovation. Since its birth as a boutique management training institution in 2009, New Shores has grown into a pioneering international higher education institution in a short span.

The founding principle of New Shores is to bring a meaningful approach to education through inquiry based – trans disciplinary learning. An education that emphasizes on – the means over the end, – the process of learning and transformation over acquiring mere facts and reproducing. This philosophy of education subverts the established paradigms of education systems in India, and demands a great deal of trust from all stakeholders of the institution, which we have been bestowed consistently since the inception.

Coupled with the New Shores philosophy is the ground-breaking research into cognition and development that has produced creatively-balanced scientific and humanities programs which we teach alongside fundamental lessons in career and life skills. We are continuously working hard to maintain a proportionated ecosystem of culture, technology and diversity that is conducive to execute the New Shore method of education. An ecosystem that is not only meant for successful learning but also a place for spectacular failures.

New Shores has been an inclusive institution of warmth that welcomes students of all kinds. We are glad that our efforts to mold the campus environment into a welcoming and supportive place for differently abled and LGBT students, and help them excel has been a resounding success.

To achieve our goal of becoming a world-class university in India by 2030, and to ensure that our graduates are a force to be reckoned with in making the world a better place- we are building our knowledge network and partnerships with institutions and individuals both abroad and in India, and providing our students with an education which meets a global standard of excellence. We pride ourselves not only on offering our students a meaningful and transformative experience during their time with us, but also on thinking ahead to the impact they will have on the world beyond college.

New Shores is committed to leading and supporting the student community in becoming a catalyst for change towards a better world. If you aspire to study at New Shores, or to partner us in providing educational services, I offer you a whole-hearted welcome and an invitation to join us on a journey of discovery and transformation: not just of your academic or organisational potential, but of your potential as a successful global citizen in the 21st century.