New Shores is growing into one of the region’s leading institutions of higher education, a dynamic and progressive Liberal Arts and STEM institution for students with career ambitions. Building on the success achieved since its foundation in 2009, the institution has clear goals to achieve, and has become a transformational force which will make its mark on future society.

Academic institutions are among the most enduring human institutions. Their longevity is partly due to their ability to keep sight of long-term goals, as well as their culture of prudently and effectively balancing present considerations with future concerns.As part of its long-term planning, New Shores has embarked on a series of commitments that reflect its priorities as an institution: globalising and augmenting an entrepreneurial ecosystem, expanding its arts and science core, creating a truly global network institution in India, and delineating a vision to match its academic aspirations over the next decade.

These initiatives will shape the institution in ways that will allow future generations of scholars, students, administrators and staff to pursue our vision.

• New Shores growth is being guided by a 2030 Blueprint and enacted by New Shores 2030 strategic plans.

• The New Shores Network Plan helps shape the institution’s academic development and collaboration in order to strengthen its arts and business core.

• As part of its efforts towards sustainability, and as the college population expands, New Shores remains innovative and true to its environmental aims by bringing together the diverse segments of its community to foster a “green” campus culture.