New Shores opposes all forms of discrimination and prejudice. No form of bias or unjust treatment resulting from differences in gender, sexual orientation, race, region, culture, religion, age, disability, nor any other form of discrimination, has any place at New Shores. The entire New Shores community is treated with fairness, dignity and respect. Opportunities provided at the institute are open to all. We provide a free, supportive, safe and welcoming environment for all students, staff, visitors, parents and guardians. We welcome students from all faiths (including atheism) and religions, and all cultural backgrounds.


To be a progressive and influential university catalysing change towards a better world.


• Cultivate an intellectually stimulating ecosystem by enabling knowledge exchange with the distinct systems of the world.

• Develop our students into the brightest agents for change by empowering them through knowledge, courage and values in a conducive learning system.

• Attract diversely talented students and faculty staff from various parts of the world and enable them to excel.

• Augment our commitment to produce, examine and preserve knowledge through relevant research work.


• Diversity and Equality

• Scientific and Inquiring Temper

• Openness and Inclusiveness

• Sustainability and Progressiveness