At New Shores, the learning amplifies as students join the class from twelve different countries across the world. Our students find the diversity at New Shores motivational as they see themselves studying and working in international teams. The classroom becomes the first window onto the different cultures and economies of the world and the classmates become the first individuals in building the international network.

New Shores is a vibrant campus with diverse cultural representations from across the globe. We welcome students from other countries, and cultural contrast and diversity on campus has been growing consistently. The student community at NSIC is enriched by students from the Maldives, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Yemen, Iran, Thailand and many other countries. All the degree programmes at the college are open to international students.

NSIC offers varied levels of English Language courses for international students coming from non-English speaking countries. Interested students can contact the ASAO in advance. The programmes start in January each year, and take five months.

Students can obtain specific programme admission information via email by sending a quick inquiry. Subsequently, students will receive a communication from the ASAO. Prospective students will be given guidance on understanding the institution’s educational philosophy, choosing a suitable programme, fees and financial planning, pre-application evaluation, and visas and immigration.

Students are then required to apply online through the college website or come in person to submit a completed application form to the ASAO. Students are advised to ensure that their latest contact details are supplied in the application form, as these are used for the final selection confirmation communication.

A Bonafide Certificate is an essential document for International Students to travel and live in Bangalore. The College will issue a Bonafide Certificate to International Students for the purpose of visa approval only after the completion of the admission procedure. To facilitate the expedition of visa documents, the International Desk will expedite the admissions procedure within the minimum time possible. Students in absentia have to send translated copies of their marks card, a copy of their passport and the first-year tuition fees in order to obtain a Bonafide Certificate.

All foreign nationals, including International Students, must register themselves with the FRRO office upon arrival in the city. Residence permits, proof of residential address, Bonafide Certificates and other documents must be submitted to the FRRO.

For more details, please visit or seek assistance at the NSIC ASAO.

Admission selection criteria for International Students are as stipulated for Indian students. However, the documentation varies among universities and according to Human Resource Development ministry policies. The following are the primary documents required for the initiation of admission procedures.

  • Marks cards of O Level and A Level/10th Grade and 12th Grade or equivalent.
  • Copy of the visa.
  • Equivalency Certificate from AIU.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Residential Permit from the Office of the Police Commissioner, Bangalore.
  • Proof of address.
  • Equivalence Certificate from the Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

To obtain an equivalence certificate, copies of the following documents, along with the prescribed fee, must be sent to the address below. Applicants can apply directly to obtain the certificate from the AIU or this can be done through the college office.

Documents required to obtain AIU certificate:

  • ’O’ Level/Class 10th Grade or equivalent certificate.
  • ’A’ Level/Class 12th Grade or equivalent certificate.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Copy of the student visa.

AIU Address and website

Association of Indian Universities, AIU House, 16 Comrade Indrajit Gupta Marg (KotlaMarg) New Delhi – 110 002 Ph: (011) 23230059, 23231097, 23232429, 23232435

Students can also request the International Desk to apply for an equivalence certificate on their behalf by submitting a processing fee and request form.

For further guidance or assistance, students can contact the ASAO on +91 7246000222 or email us at [email protected].

In case of further guidance or assistance need, students can contact Admissions & Students Affairs Office at +91 7246000222 or drop an email at [email protected]