New Shores offers a full programme of co-curricular activities to get your teeth into. From high(ish) to low(ish) culture, there’s something on offer for everyone.

All undergraduates are expected to take up one or two of the activities on the list below, and we strongly urge to challenge yourselves when you make your choice. If you’ve usually got your nose in a book, then get out and play some football … if you can’t be parted from your football boots, then hang them up and visit an organic farm –if you’ve spent your life surrounded by farmers, then seize the opportunity to take the floor as a member of our Model Parliament – and if you’ve spent the last ten years as the star member of your high school debating team, then devote yourself to Earth Week.

It’s important to remember that doors not only open as you go through life, but they also shut. Inevitably, as you make choices in your future career, certain roads have to remain unexplored. During your years at New Shore, you should be trying every opportunity that comes your way – not only because it’s enjoyable but also so your future life choices will be made on a basis of personal experience, and you won’t end up one day sitting behind a massive desk on a luxury chair in the corner office and saying to yourself, ‘if only I’d (fill in activity here) when I was young.’

As all aspiring New Shoreites know, we are passionate about debate: after all, without hearing the opinions of others and honing the expression of your own, how are we going to carry our message worldwide? So come along to the Model Parliament and Model UN, join discussions for the Alternative Budget debate or participate in Global Issues Week, and make your views heard.

We also like our students to get their hands dirty (in the best possible way), so we organise visits to organic farms and terrace farms, as well as a health week and a community service week. (For anyone who wants to get their hands really dirty, there’s also The Art of Motorcycling and an Annual Motorcycle Trip). For those with a more cultural bent, there’s Indian Culture Week, World Culture Week, Books Week and, (moving just a tad down the cultural scale), Movie Week and Football Nights where you can cheer on your team for the Champions League, the World Cup and the Euros.

And then … deep breath … there’s Social Media Week (what’s about to explode onto the scene?), Science Week (learn your round bottom from your Erlenmeyer flask), Books Week (who’s at the Bangalore Literature Festival this year?), Industrial Visits (vital for future industrialists), Life Skills Week (who doesn’t need those?), Sanskriti Ethnic Day (get in touch with your roots), the Fresher’s Party (do we need to add a description?), Earth Week (it’s the heritage every human being has in common) Food Week (tell your pasta from your pakora from your pitta), Health Week and the Annual International Trip.

And exhale.