Philosophically and functionally, New Shores believes in the potential of technology to facilitate the learning processes. The college has integrated cutting-edge technology both inside and outside the classroom to offer our students the finest access to education. Among the several technological initiatives and platforms, those listed below are essential, and readily accessible to students on campus.

Fedena software creates a virtual campus and is available to students and parents at any time, anywhere in the world. All the college’s learning resources can be accessed through Fedena, and each student’s academic and administrative data are available to parents and students. Students and parents can thus review and access class notes, performance metrics, grades, assignments, group work and all other academic-related material in their own time.

Each classroom is equipped with a Smart Board, audiovisual learning aids, a leased internet line and computer systems. The classrooms are energy-efficient and well-ventilated, with no need for air conditioning and its consequent CFC emissions. Most classrooms are also equipped with the technology for the live streaming of classes soon to be launched via the New Shores Knowledge Channel.

Along with a windows computer lab built to a top specification, the campus offers a state-of-the-art Apple Macintosh lab for students: a one-of-a-kind laboratory enabling students to get hands-on experience in programming for Macintosh and iOS systems. Live IT projects and Hackathons serve as regular exercises in the laboratory.

Roboversity has partnered with New Shores to offer project guidance and enable students to produce real-world application-based projects. Roboversity delivers a project module every semester for Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) students. Students apply the theoretical learning gained through the semester to a project, and are graded jointly by the Roboversity guide and NSIC faculty.

Business Management students at New Shores can take advantage of a state-of-the-art business laboratory provided in partnership with Bloomberg Financial MarketsLab, undertaking research, data analysis, market-moving events and econometrics with the same technology as the top experts around the world.

With the advent of the open-source revolution in knowledge, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) offer many learning opportunities with refined curricula. The college’s Academic Council has incorporated select online courses into degree programmes, enabling our students to benefit from the latest knowledge from the best universities around the world. Major sources of integration include MIT OCW, Course Era and edX.

An academic team of students and faculty staff is working on an ambitious Knowledge Channel Project. This will be a superb learning source for anyone interested in educating herself or himself, opening up sources of knowledge and learning opportunities for all learners who cannot access a NSIC classroom, or are not eligible to enrol at NSIC.