Securing and completing an internship aids greatly towards building a successful career. Supplementing students’ education with on-the-job experience is a vital element of New Shores’ learning methodologies, and an integral component of each student’s Personal and Career Development Programme (PCDP). The exclusivity and repute of the internship our students gain can set them apart from the other candidates vying for a full-time position. For many students, internships provide the chance to show a potential employer what values they can bring to the company. The PCDP helps students attain an internship with premium organisations, facilitating them in turning their internship into a full-time job after graduation.

Timely and comprehensive counselling, Career Seminars given by visiting speakers and Mentoring Programmes will all guide students as to how to convert their internship into full-time jobs. The PCDP understands this significance and, with strong links to corporations and industry, assists students in obtaining a summer internship in the best of the organisations in their chosen field.