Stuck in your career because you don’t have a recognised degree?

We bring you an opportunity to become a graduate, and grow in your career.

Many young working professionals are braving different weathers and building careers for themselves at a young age albeit without full-fledged qualification of an undergraduate degree. To address this issue and empower the youth to realise their full potential, New Shores International College offers uncompromising education through undergraduate degree programs in Commerce, Computing, Business, Psychology, and Journalism faculties for working professionals.

The programs are designed in consideration of the specific needs of a working professional, more specifically for those who DO NOT wish to compromise their degree with a part-time or evening college or distance education tag. The offered courses are full-time regular mode undergraduate degrees awarded by Bangalore University.

What more? In case you do not have eligibility of 12th standard qualification, we have that covered too through a Bridge Course In partnership with System for Alternative Schooling and Education.

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1. The only full-time regular degree programs in Bangalore with flexible study timing to suit the busy work schedule of professionals.

2. Full-time regular degree awarded by the Bangalore University.

3. Bridge course and 12th standard qualification is offered, in partnership with SASE, to those who do not have 12th standard or II PUC or equivalent qualification.

4. Lateral entry to the second or third-year degree program for those who have dropped out of a degree course previously.

5. Diverse stream of studies – BBA – Bachelor of Business Management, BCA – Bachelor of Computer Applications, BA – Bachelor of Arts (Journalism, Psychology, Literature), B.Com- Bachelor of Commerce.
6. Workshops and mentoring programs to orient learners back to academic learning and help them succeed in completing the degree.


  • Completed 10th standard from a recognized educational board

  • Having backlog papers in the 2nd PU/12th standard examinations conducted between 2013 and 2020 academic years

  • Failed to appear in the 1st PU/11th standard examinations

  • Dropped out from and undergraduate degree


Working Professionals Graduated So Far Since 2015


“Being a working professional, there comes a time when your carrier progress is stalled because you don’t have the right degree for the job. This was my story too. I tried multiple colleges; however, I had to quit in between because I did not receive enough support from the college as a working professional. In my quest to better myself, I found the New Shores website; and I am so glad I did. I loved the admission process, and the support from the administration department is amazing. The professors are phenomenal. Their continuous encouragement and guidance have helped me be successful thus far. This is one of the very few colleges in my experience that truly has a student focus approach.

I am forever indebted to the teachers and staff of New Shores.” 

“The degree program for working professionals from New Shores has been a boon for many other working professionals looking to pursue a regular degree without compromising on work and me. The program enabled me to complete my degree while working, and with this, I had both a degree and work experience. What made me choose the degree program at New Shores is that a regular degree was awarded by Bangalore University and not a part-time degree, unlike other universities/colleges. This makes the degree worthy of pursuing as the value it adds in the corporate sector is far greater than what other part-time degrees offer. Also, the flexibility and support offered by the faculty here made my experience a pleasant one which would have otherwise been very pressurising. The degree for working professionals at New Shores is the degree that I recommend to my peers and to anyone looking to pursue a regular degree while working full time.”

“New Shores International College offered me the opportunity to pursue BCA while continuing my job as a front-end web developer. The option to study while working came as a blessing that helps me with the best of both worlds. The real-world experience and exposure from my job fully augment my studies with how I could connect with what I learn, and the academic exposure from my course brings so much value with the structure and deeper perspectives it brings. I received help from the college even in completing my 12th standard qualification, without which I wouldn’t have been able to study for a degree. The academics team and professors worked alongside me in designing my academic journey so that the studies never suffered despite me working full-time.”

Take the big step of your career. Become a GRADUATE


Appreciation by the Education Ministries, Government of Karnataka


  • ₹50,000 is the course fee per year barring the Bangalore University fee. Students shall remit the University fee directly to the University.
  • An assessment fee of ₹10,000, has to be remitted along with the application fee of 812 during the submission of the application.
  • The remaining course fee payment is to be made before the commencement of the course.
    Scholarships and financial aid are available for deserving students. NSIC is a recognized institution with the Government of India and the Government of Karnataka for government scholarship schemes, students may apply for the scholarships through National Scholarship Portal and State Scholarship Portal.

If you need assistance in applying, we are here to help you. Call us : +91 7846000222

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