Conexxions; Adventure & Learning

You are a stranger,  a stranger to yourself, to your-latent strengths,  your weaknesses, opportunities of future, nature around you, the system you live in, the friends you have, the friends you are going to make, the mentors, the learning…….lets get to know the stranger, lets get connected to the stranger.

New Shores International College 2

Conexxions  is an annual orientation program devised for new students joining New Shores to connect with every influence around them that shapes their future here at New Shores.  It is a week long program phased into two. First phase is outbound, and the second is on campus.

A series of ‘fun learning and learn by doing activities were organized at outbound Conexxions 2013 to build connections among fellow student and orient them to the culture of New Shores International College.

The program kicked in with the Director- Shashi Chiron’s witty and inspirational orientation speech that emphasized upon the students need to ‘unlearn’ and the importance of having ‘serious fun’ in the process of learning at New Shores. The students were then ferried to the New Shores outbound training site, the site is situated in the historical city of  Chitradurga with a magnificent view and the custom built facilities for adventure sports and learning for the students.

New Shores out bound training site

The mesmerizing view from the New Shores Outbound Training Site in Chitradurga.

The program panned out for three days and two nights with the following activities:

‘Self Discovery’
‘Mission Kill Boring Education’
‘Everybody is Genius’
‘Talent and Latent’
‘Celebrating Failures’
‘Bonfire & Music’
‘Rock Climbing and Rappelling’
‘Water Sports’
‘Mid Night Trek’

Although the activities involved physical strengths and mental fortitude, every one enjoyed every moment of the program. We will leave the images to do the talking on it.

Shashidhar Chiron- New Shores International College

New Shore OutboundIMG_5888IMG_5870IMG_5771IMG_5765IMG_5441

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