International internships are an integral part of a New Shores education, and every student has the opportunity of taking up an internship abroad. These provide our students with a unique platform to work, live and explore in a foreign country. An internship runs from two to five months, depending on the job profile and industry. Students are trained and prepared to take up international internships with confidence by learning about global cultures, undertaking cross-cultural case studies, having personal interaction with foreign visiting professors, learning a foreign language, and experiencing a host of other international exposure programmes. These exposures provide them with a unique skill-set and learning advantages that will help them in winning top-class international internships and placements.

The college’s network and educational partners facilitate international internships for all students. Interning destinations visited by our students so far have included Germany, Poland, Italy, France, Switzerland, Denmark, China, the UK, Greece, the Philippines, Malaysia and the UAE.

Summer Programmes are a unique opportunity for our students to optimise their learning during the summer break.  Students are free to choose the university, study subject and credits for the Summer Programme. This is an unparalleled opportunity for students aspiring to study abroad for their undergraduate (for 11th-12th Standard students), and postgraduate (for undergraduate students) courses to experience university life and education firsthand, before applying. The following are some of the selected universities where our students have undertaken summer programmes.

Harvard University.

The London School of Economics.

Stanford University.

Cornell University.

Most universities require students to be proficient in English and to have passed standardised tests to be eligible for Summer Programmes. The Department of Personal and Career Development (DPCD) prepares students for such tests and guides them through the application process. The cost of Summer Programmes varies and is borne by parents or guardians. Students will earn credits during their stay at the foreign university, and upon completion of the programme. Some universities also grant exclusive access to their student network and learning resources, even after completion of the Summer Programme, and give Summer Programme students preference for further studies.

Summer Programmes are also an opportunity to interact with a diverse global academic community while staying and studying at a top international university.

Another opportunity for our students to gain knowledge and experience diverse cultures is through the annual International Study Tour (IST). This offers students a new window onto knowledge and techniques used in other countries, in both academic and corporate environments.

During the IST, students embark on an intensive exploration of a country’s business practices, challenges and cultures. Part of the IST is devoted to visiting local industry, and learning how business operates in the host country. The industrial visits are used as an ideal setting for practical case studies. Students gain experience through site visits and interactions with the management. IST students stay on campus at the host university, and undertake short modules of classes and seminars on doing business in the visiting country. This, together with the composite nature of the IST student community, brings a unique cross-cultural exposure to the work culture of foreign countries.

If our students are interested in studying in a foreign university, the college will support them towards that goal. Students can study the first four semesters at the New Shores campus and undertake the rest of their education abroad. Upon successful completion of the academic requirement, students will receive a degree from the international university of choice. Some universities recognise New Shores credits, which means that students do not need to take all the standardised tests in order to continue their education overseas: they may choose any one of the New Shores associate universities and study there as a free mover, with the same choice of courses as all other international students. It should be noted that host universities set the rates of foreign students’ tuition fees.

Our associate universities have been selected because of their international standing, the reputation of their programmes, and the compatibility of their courses. In most cases, students will study at the overseas university for one year only, and receive all the benefits of students undertaking the full degree course in the host country. This gives an unparalleled learning advantage and allows students to realise their dream of studying abroad at half the real cost.