New Shores education has a 360 degree student development approach. Besides competency & skill development through academics, our students gain an outstanding exposure to finest faces of life & the world. They undergo a series of inspiring experiences that actually transforms them to extraordinary personalities who leave mark wherever they go in their life. If you want to be extraordinary, leave an awe inspiring mark wherever you go… Welcome to New Shores.

Department of Personal and Career Development exert student development programs that effectively bring changes in student’s attitude and personality. At the end of the program, students are transformed into a visionary and competent leader. Personal and Career Development Program is carried out in three phases: Foundation, Advanced and Completion.

Foundation course lays stones for building an outstanding character in training students on the essentials of Team Building Skills, Organizing and Prioritizing, Time management and Personality Development. On the career front, the program emphasizes primarily on making students employable, by incorporating activities such as Mock Interviews and Group Discussions.

Advanced course builds on the skills acquired in the foundation program, with subject matters like Leadership, Personal Performance Management, Drive for results and Stress Management. Career development is enhanced through Ethics, Thinking Skills, Debates, Case studies and Problem Solving. The objective of this module is to transform students from “employee” to “potential asset to company”.

The PCDP concludes with infusing students’ intellect with Entrepreneurial Qualities, Innovative, Visionary and Critical Thinking, Analysis and Synthesis. This also includes: Opportunity Identification, Environment Analysis, Identification of assumptions, Evaluation of statements in terms of evidence, Detection of false logic or reasoning, & Identification of implicit values. Learning under this module takes place through diverse training exercises such as Simulated Business Enterprising, Case studies, Simulated Dynamic Environment, Technical and Non Technical Breakthrough and many more.