The New Shores Global Bachelor of Commerce degree (B.Com) is acknowledged as the premier accounting degree programme under Bangalore University, and is offered to students aspiring to build a rewarding international career in finance. NSIC is one of the top colleges for B.Com in Bangalore. The New Shores Global B.Com course is augmented by a world-class teaching faculty and a research-based modular curriculum providing the finest knowledge and learning experience.

At NCIS, this course is not limited to the university syllabi; instead, our students undertake additional courses on global accounting practices, international financial markets, fraud and countermeasures, accounting ethics, building financial institutions, entrepreneurship and more. Students will experience investment firsthand through the bespoke Stock Market Trading Terminal. Stock Track allows our students to practice and test their portfolio management skills by investing in a plethora of securities based on real data from major world markets. Additionally, students are trained as Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs) which eventually places them higher than other students in the job market.

Students gain expertise in the principles and applications of accounting, preparing them for exciting careers in public and private practice.

Students are prepared for rewarding careers in accounting by being able to:

  • Cultivate the ability to understand and analyze business and finance related information through exposure to the financial reporting process and how accounting systems control business operations
  • Encourage students to acquire transferable skills such as use of statistical techniques to analyze business data by providing them a platform to work on live projects
  • Foster the ability to critically think about and find solutions to business problems – determining the nature of business related issues, analyzing available statistical data and deciding upon the best principles and techniques to create solutions.
  • Enhance the standard pedagogy of a B.Com course by providing an understanding of the importance of economic analysis of the global and national economy to create globally oriented thinkers who can recognize market needs and develop new markets.
  • Enable students to understand the importance of professional responsibility, ethical obligations and social awareness as well as put these principles to practice

Below is the prescribed curriculum by Bangalore University for the Bachelor of Commerce. The topics are spread across 6 semesters over three years. Students are required to undertake semester exam as stipulated by B.U. Additional to the below curriculum, B.Com students get to learn additional New Shores B.Com Curriculum, and New Shores Foundational Curriculum.

Indian Language (Hindi/Kannada/Additional English)
Financial Accounting
Market Behavior & Cost Analysis
Organizational Management
Corporate Administration
Methodology & Techniques for Business Decisions
Advanced Financial Accounting
Marketing & Services Management
Indian Financial System
Quantitative Techniques
Environmental Studies
Corporate Accounting
Financial Management
Banking Law & Operations
Quantitative Techniques
Computer Fundamentals
Advanced Corporate Accounting
Cost Accounting
e Business & Accounting
Stock & Commodity Markets
Indian Constitution
Entrepreneurship Development
International Business
Income Tax I
Cost Management
Business Law
Principles of Auditing

The curriculum below is additional to the Bangalore University specified curriculum for B.Com degree program. The New Shores curriculum is carefully structured to build the gaps is B.U curriculum,  and further augment the cumulative learning outcome of our students.

Data, Models, and Decisions
Communicating With Data
Finance Theory II
Analytics of Finance
Taxes and Business Strategy
Business Analysis Using Financial Statements
Management Accounting and Control
Advanced Corporate Risk Management
Game Theory for Managers
Optimization Methods
Stochastic Processes
Global Markets
Economy and Business in Modern China and India
Transformations in Work, Organizations, and Society
Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Early Stage Capital Management
Capital Markets
Reporting and Analysis of Financial Statements
Financial Reporting on Organized Research
Invested Fund Accounting

New Shores Foundational Curriculum provides an imperative educational experience of understanding the self and its interaction with world. NSFC develops the real world life skills that are commonly missing in the most college curricula. From enhancing the critical thinking capabilities to honing cross cultural skills, NSFC prepares students for life beyond the professional sphere. Below is list of subjects covered in NSFC.

Critical Thinking
Creative Thinking
Emotional Intelligence
Personal Knowledge Management
Behavioral Science
Interpretation and Assimilation
White Paper Exposition
Impression Management
Literature Appreciation
Culture Appreciation
Rhetoric and Literature
Personal Leadership
Personal Management
National Integration
Individual Social Responsibility
Life Lessons From street
Mythology I (Indian)
Mythology II (Greek)
Mythology III (Chinese)
Global Cultures and Trends
Foreign Language I *(German)
Foreign Language II *(Spanish)