As a New Shoreite, you will realise that learning consists of more than what is taught in the classroom: it is about experiencing life, learning by doing, exploring opportunities for yourself as a student and discovering who you are.

A wide variety of student clubs and activities reflects the diversity of the New Shores community. The clubs give you a chance to apply what has been learnt in the classroom and to practise your life skills.

The most popular clubs amongst the students are the Zest-Adventure club, Strokes-Arts and Cultural Club, Antiphyzix – The Sports Club, and Blitzkrieg – The Rock ’n’ Roll Club. Club Zest organises adventure trips every month and the activities on offer include scuba-diving, rock-climbing, night-treks, river-rafting, mountain-biking, cave-exploring and many more.

The annual college festival is the biggest extravaganza of New Shores student life. Diverse events ranging from rock shows to national-level debate competitions are organised at this wonderful festival. Students from various colleges across India travel to participate in competitions. Everyone at New Shores comes together to make this phenomenon unforgettable.

For the students studying at New Shores, the college experience is not just about gaining cutting-edge knowledge. It is about showcasing individuality, experiencing amazing moments, building relationships, growing up to achieve their dreams: in totality, a tenure to cherish for the rest of their lives.