If you thought studying the rigorous courses at New Shores would require you to sacrifice all your hobbies, interests, and passion, think again! What is a student life that is just about studies? At New Shores, you are encouraged to pursue your hobbies and personal interests. From extreme adventure to writing, it is all here for our students to take advantage of.

For the ones having an artistic bent of mind

This club discovers the artist hidden in every student and provides a platform to participate and perform in a variety of art forms. Musicals, painting and literature events are regular features at this club.

Sports defying all scientific laws

Sports are a vital part of student life at New Shores. Activities including, but not limited to, annual indoor and outdoor sports competitions are carried out by this club. Trophies and prize money are up for grabs for the best performing sportsman, woman and team.

The Automotive Club’s mission is to bring car enthusiasts of the past, present and future together in fun social activities and provide access to networking and career opportunities in the automotive industry.

In pursuit of adrenaline rush.

The most popular club amongst students organises various events which unleash pure enthusiasm. It organises adventure sports and experiences such as scuba-diving, equitation, paragliding, excursions, white-water-rafting, jungle-camping, trekking, etc.

The Rock’n’Roll club

The New Shores’ Rock’n’Roll club Blitzkrieg is the epitome of questionable humour, and pure rock’n’roll. It all happens twice a year in a lounge on the other side of town for one night of mind-numbing debauchery. The showcase is composed of misfits and squares, brainiacs and dingbats, debits and credits. We parody the everyday antics of the college in a cocktail of live skits, prerecorded skits and, of course, rock’n’roll. Are you thirsty for more?

This club supports the Admissions Office in recruiting new students into the various programmes. Among their activities, New Shores Ambassadors escort visiting potential students around campus, to class and into the neighbourhood for coffee or lunch following their interview with Admissions.

Showcasing the latest trends from India, Milan, Paris, New York, Sao Paolo and many more fashion weeks is what the club is known for. Cult arranges seminars exclusively for its members on the subjects of creativity, visualising, inspiration and more.

All New Shores students are part of this club, because all programmes require community service for graduation. The club is sponsored by the college, and acts as a liaison with local organisations in need of business expertise or volunteers. The students write business plans, mentor public school students, volunteer at social service and community festivals, and much more.