You will only undertake an MBA once in your life – and your choice of school will stay with you for the rest of your career. With NSIC, you choose a future filled with possibilities. The college is acknowledged for its cutting-edge research-derived curriculum and pedagogy, and has been voted as one of the most advanced colleges in India.

However, beyond the rankings and quantifiable measures of success, there is the intangible value of the New Shores experience. As one of a select few colleges in the India, and in the good company of the country’s leading think tanks, who follow the same innovative method of learning, New Shores remains distinct. New Shores is a unique place to learn, grow and achieve. The intensity of our programmes and casework; the extraordinary campus; the energised classroom environment and the bonding with other bright and highly-motivated peers all contribute to creating a truly life-changing experience.

The New Shores MBA demonstrates the distinctiveness of its vision by academic integration of special modules on entrepreneurship, and an emphasis on marketing management specialisation. Students following the programme will study International Internship, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development Programmes and Enterprise Management Consulting, and gain global exposure through International Study Tours, and the GCB Series.

“Research-driven thinking, applied:” our entire programme, indeed the very way we teach, is based on this operational principle. It is, more than any other single element, what sets us apart, and it is reason enough for you to put New Shores at the top of your list of MBA programmes to consider.

Research-driven thinking is a way of approaching business problems or issues with the same mindset as that used to conduct research. It means learning how to:

• Ask the right questions and formulate them clearly and precisely.

• Gather, assess and interpret data.

• Reach sound conclusions and solution.

• Communicate persuasively and effectively.


The bottom line is that it is a rigorous, systematic way to observe, analyse and solve both research and real-world problems. At New Shores, we create numerous applied-learning opportunities for students to practise using this powerful thinking style in real-world settings.

Companies are looking to hire people with strong analytical problem-solving skills who can strategically address complex, unstructured business issues. In fact, the Corporate Recruiters Survey from the Graduate Management Admissions Council singled out those very skills as highly attractive to hiring companies. We have also heard the same thing many times from the companies and organisations we work with who recruit students for internships and permanent jobs. Furthermore, students would not be looking at MBA programmes unless transforming their career was their objective. We believe that applying research-driven thinking will be the catalyst for that change.

Among the many opportunities to apply research-driven thinking and gain real-world experience at New Shores are Enterprise Management Consulting Projects, Innovation Challenges, the Batten Venture Internship Programme and the New Shores Business Incubator.

While classroom study is critical, the real measure of an MBA programme is how academic learning translates to the workplace. This is where the “applied” part of New Shores’ ‘research-driven thinking, applied’ is put to the test.