The modular structure of the program prevents you from being away from work for long or frequent periods of time, allowing you to focus your attention on your work and the MBA appropriately. New Shores’ purpose built Intranet enables ongoing inter-modular program work that provides participant access to teaching materials, research resources, group work arenas and discussion forums from anywhere in the world.

Contact classes on few hours on weekends at the easily accessible New Shores campus in Bangalore. This special arrangement allows you to work full time and achieve a premier Executive MBA or popularly termed as 1 Year Executive MBA course. The New Shores MBA program gives you a distinctive format and learning experience. It is dynamic, participatory; a learn-by-doing approach that immerses candidates in a learning experience unlike any other.

Not just another lecture at New Shores, learning isn’t a spectator sport. Here learning comes alive because we believe that the last thing you need is another lecture. New Shores’ case method is a hands-on action oriented approach that immerses you in complex, real-world business scenarios.

At New Shores, you’re placed in the role of decision maker, asked to analyze data, develop alternatives, make and defend your recommendations. Cases cross every functional area and industry – from a North American product launch, to building a new Asian plant, or HR issues in South America.

Working professionals who are constrained to join part time program, and are looking to earn their MBA can switch to distance learning mode. Besides diverse learning methodologies, this kind of fluidity lists New Shores also in the category of best and top correspondence colleges in Bangalore

The Program’s Key Distinction are below:

Facts provide clarity, motivate people, and lead to informed decisions. The New Shores Executive MBA will equip participants for today’s information-rich management environment with a rigorous approach to data-driven decision-making.

Through the collective knowledge of distinguished mid-career executives, students will leverage and learn from the experience of diverse backgrounds and industries to solve complex, real-world business challenges.

The executive students will be exposed to our professors’ research and to the frameworks and methodologies that are defining the future of business management.

New Shores business programs focus on learning through interactive case studies and simulations and through current company challenges.

New Shores executive students embody innovation bringing the spirit of inquiry and continuous improvement into everything they do. From small process improvements to breakthrough ideas, our executive students will envision more, work harder, drive change deeper, & go further than they thought possible.

The curriculum at New Shores is always in sync with the current and significantly future requirements of the business world, placing our students always ahead in wisdom. New areas of study are incorporated into the curriculum derived from the research by the Center for Management Research. It is all delivered in a dynamic, high energy learning environment that emphasizes the application of skills in complex real world  business situations. As a result New Shores graduates are responsive to the needs of the modern, increasingly dynamic and competitive marketplace.