PU Failed? Join regular degree!

Don’t Leave Your Dreams Behind!

Philosophically speaking, education is a lifelong endeavor. But to acquire formal education, often the indicator and requirement for demonstrating that we have the life skills necessary to carve out a career, we have to usually follow a pre planned, time bound path that takes us through the schooling and then the college and University system.

Life, in way that is both beautiful and frustrating doesn’t always play by time bound rules and pre planned paths. It often surprises and sometimes throws unexpected hurdles in our way forcing us to reevaluate our goals and dreams. Maybe you are taken ill before Call 12th/PU exam, maybe you missed it for other unexpected but unavoidable reasons. At some point or the other, it happens to all of us in some form.  But that doesn’t mean your ambitions to study Under Graduation degree from PUC and opening up more avenues for your career and pursuing your dreams need to hit a bump that cannot be overcome. In fact there are more than 4,00,000 student who fail in 12th/PU exam very year in Karnataka.

Not being able to complete Senior Secondary i.e. Class 12th/PU shouldn’t mean shut doors on further education, if you know which doors to knock on.  One such is New Shores International College’s Inclusive Education Program offered under the aegis of the National Institute Of Open Schooling, the largest open schooling system in the world. Open schooling allows you the opportunity of putting your 12th standard/PU  education back on track if it has been unfortunately interrupted for any reason at all. Combined with the study environment, personalized coaching and guidance, and the extra curricular development that New Shores’ NIOS-Inclusive education program for PU failed to study regular degree becomes much more than just a kickstart to your dreams. It gives you a head start.

The world has become competitive and you need to carve your own niche to stand out. New Shores’ NIOS-Inclusive education program for PU failed students is that opportunity for you to do so, because wherever you stand, it is never too late to rekindle your education and career ambitions.

Visit the newshores.in to know more on how you can study regular degree if you have failed in 2nd PU and wondering what next?

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