Real World Learning


New Shores’ approach to education on professional aspect incorporates hands-on learning opportunities into every discipline, every program, and every area of the college. From Psychology to Computing to Brand Management and all points in-between, New Shores allows students test their skills and knowledge in real-life situations. Students apply fundamental and as well as state-of-the-art techniques learnt in the classroom to help solve the real world critical business challenges facing today’s organizations.

NSIC uses the Harvard Case Method, which places students in real world situations and asks them to analyze outcomes and make decisions based on their personal analysis of what would go on in a real business setting. Learning takes place through group discussions, team projects, collaborative research, and presentations.

Whether it’s consulting for corporate, government or non-profit clients, or managing an investment fund, the experiential learning and real cases at New Shores prepare students for real-world challenges and opportunities. Our students also take advantage of the dynamic business and technology markets in Bangalore and explore the opportunities!