Because Education Should Be For Everyone

 Helen Keller once wrote: ” Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.”

 At NSIC, the institution operates with the belief that education is the one way that can end all suffering. That’s why it has taken care to implement a carefully curated education program that caters to the needs of specially-abled students.

NSIC has a college campus that’s especially sensitive to students with special needs. If your child is a student with conditions such as autism, dyslexia, or asperger’s, then he/she will find themselves exactly at home on the NSIC campus.

Entering college life should be an exciting experience for any student. For those with special needs, who are already apprehensive about this new experience, it should be a fluid one.

Yet the truth is, for students with learning disabilities, entering college life can be a harrowing experience. Anxiety, coupled with a fear of unwanted behavior from otherwise “normal” peers, can make college life an experience that’s more negative than positive.

That’s why, at NSIC, special needs students are provided with a calming environment that helps them interact better with peers as well as faculty. Using Assistive Technologies such as software aids and systems specially designed to help special needs students, the faculty ensures that students can tackle coursework to the best of their abilities. With the help of text to speech technology, digital recorders, and similar accessibility tools, the students can achieve anything that they’ve set their minds to.

The institute also provides special training that helps the faculty members and students interact and be empathic to those with special needs. This ensures a scholastic environment that caters to special needs students with greater emphasis.

However, NSIC doesn’t just focus on the educational side of things but also takes care to ensure the overall emotional and physical well-being of its students. To this end, the institute has set up the Special Students Support Network, which is a student committee dedicated to promoting the emotional well-being of special students. Through this program, NSIC is committed to creating a campus that’s entirely free of the stigma usually associated with mental health issues.

Inclusive education is what the college believes in, and an education system that places special students in a controlled environment is considered discriminatory here. That’s why the institute has inculcated a system where special as well as non-special needs students study together in an environment that’s conducive to students in general.

To ensure this further, it has partnered with SASE (System For Alternative Schooling And Education) to ensure campus and curriculum that’s ideal for students from all backgrounds.

At the same time, the staff at the college are also aware of the special health needs of students with issues such as autism, dyslexia, and learning challenges. To ensure that they don’t face any problems on campus, the college has partnered with Cadabam’s Hospital, one of the leading institutions of the country dealing with mental health issues.

With all these provisions in place, you can be sure that your child will be in the safest of hands at NSIC.