While academic performance is an end in itself, it is also imperative in building a sound career. Each student has a different learning style, and recognising and understanding that style is key to academic success.


The Direction for Student Potential programme (DSP) is designed to augment the academic and learning skills which will guarantee that each student achieves an optimal academic performance at New Shores.  Students in the DSP undertake one-on-one sessions with faculty staff, in which they will be helped to discover the most suitable methods of improving their academic performance by working on enhancing learning methods, organising course information, managing time, etc. Students are invited to undertake an assessment of their learning styles and study skills before they take up DSP.

The DSP offers students the opportunities to practise and discuss various aspects of their studies with teaching staff who are not responsible for their academic assessment. These workshops can help students resolve academic difficulties and also develop strategies for study. Students can decide what they would like to focus on but the issues covered mostly include:

Taking notes effectively.
Reading strategies/managing reading lists.
Writing essays or assignments.
Managing time.
Organising and writing dissertations.
Preparing for examinations/revision techniques.
Strategies for learning spelling and grammar.

Prior to taking internal and external assessments, students will undertake revision sessions and preparatory exams; these help students to understand their academic performance in relation to university assessment standards. Students are given feedback on their preparatory examination results to help them perform optimally in the university semester exams.