New Shores believes in developing its students into entrepreneurs, not just employable candidates, thereby contributing to the nation’s economy, the welfare of the community and the individual empowerment of students. A strong positive correlation exists between the level of entrepreneurial activities in a country and economic growth. Up to 70% of the disparity in rates of economic growth across nations can be attributed to entrepreneurial activities.

A nation with a large number of successful entrepreneurs attains a high level of economic growth. Very few countries build robust economies without sound entrepreneurial activities. Entrepreneurs and the businesses they create contribute to a strong economy, the generation of employment, wealth creation and the enhancement of knowledge capital. Considering our core philosophy, all students are required to undertake the exclusive Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP), which equips them with the skill sets necessary for the creation and management of new businesses.


Designed and developed with the input of leading academics and the Centre for Management Research, the Leadership Development Programme runs alongside other courses and aims to deliver a transformative behavioural impact. Intense, demanding and practice-based, the programme focuses on the management of personal change in the context of organisational and business leadership. It aims to improve students’ personal and team performance in the short-term, and to create a platform for their career development and sustained learning.

The programme takes a personal development approach to acquiring and practising key leadership competencies in self-management and relationship management. Teaching methods include in-class exercise simulations, group work, discussions, case studies and mentoring. Students can apply themselves in real situations, receive feedback on their performance, re-examine their actions, and try again. This is about reflection, discovery and application.

A part of this programme is supported by our Department of Personal and Career Development (DPCD) whose experience in personal coaching and access to mentors is key.