At New Shores the learning amplifies as students join the class from 12 different countries across the world. Our students find diversity of New Shores motivational as they see themselves studying & working in cross-cultural teams.The class room becomes the first window to experience different cultures & economies of the world and the classmates become the first individuals in building the international ties.

Studying in a foreign country is very exciting; however it gets hard for some individuals at times. In order to overcome this and make sure your experience is a smooth and enjoyable one, New Shores offers a International Student Support Service that is dedicated to international students.

The International Student Support Service is a dedicated and specialized advice and referral service for the International Student community at New Shores. The team is staffed by experienced, friendly and knowledgeable International Student Advisors (ISAs).The International Student Support Service provides dedicated advice, referral, and assistance for international students including:

  • Accommodation
  • Visa and FRRO enquiries
  • International Student Induction Program
  • Indian Council for Cultural Relations Scholarships
  • Guidance about Bangalore University policies, and processes.

Upon arrival at New Shores, ID will invite you for an “International Student Induction Program” (ISIP). This program includes cultural and social orientation events, which will help you to interact with other students from around the world, dealing with essentials like opening a bank account and how to settle into the student life. Various measures will be taken by New Shores International Desk (ID) to ensure students quickly adapt to Bangalore as your second home.

ID organizes free English language classes for all International students, which will enable them to speak, understand, read and write in English at an advanced level.

Along with students’ education at New Shores, we encourage them to explore the local culture. A row of cultural events are  organized by the ID to make sure their stay at the institute is enriching. Students are invited to various community festivals, where they can experience the vibrancy of the Indian traditions. A home stay for a few days in a local home with a native family is something that our international students would never forget.