Students’ ideas and research need inspiration and a platform on which to manifest it. New Shores offers just such an opportunity in the form of the Centre for Student Research (CSR). The CSR is a hub for research, and enterprise studies and development, enabling students to learn research methodologies using the finest tools and processes in order to produce high-quality output that contributes to improving industry practices. The CSR aims to be a leading example of innovative, high-impact and collaborative research at institutional level.

Guided by professors, the CSR acts as a hub for students and scholars wishing to challenge contemporary knowledge and understanding, and to develop practical or usable knowledge that can produce sustainable improvements. Each student is supported and encouraged to develop and document their personal research agenda; turn it into excellent research outputs that contribute to their reputation and careers; publish their research output in journals and publications; and attract research funding. Students at NSIC are offered an exceptional opportunity to undertake research in their area of personal interest. Competing for the Best Student Research Award makes the learning here an unparalleled and motivating experience.