If you have ever been fascinated by human psychology and cognitive science, the New Shores Bachelor of Arts in Psychology will be the best platform for developing that fascination into a sound career. Our program is astutely configured to give you the finest and most advanced studies in psychology and brain science, with ample practical exposure to real-world cases. The program is aimed at transforming our students into a highly literate professional in Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Psychology and Linguistics. Students also have the inspiring and empowering opportunity to collaborate with national award-winning professors on coursework and research.

If you are a working professional and do not have time to join our regular psychology course, the college offers distance education and correspondence course.

New Shores Global BA in Psychology  provides the flexibility to pursue a variety of areas in psychology, building on a common foundation of scientific methodologies. A particular strength of the program is in examining the application of psychology to various behavioral, cognitive, and societal issues.  Faculty are actively engaged in psychological research, which provides ample opportunity for students to participate in ongoing projects.

The NSIC Global BA Program satisfies the interests of those who wish to undertake a rigorous course of study. The program is appropriate both for students with a limited background in psychology and those who have foundation in the field. Some students use the program as a means to clarify their interest in professional psychology; others use it as a first step toward a doctoral program.

The BA Program in Psychology attracts a widely diverse student body; in our recent classes, students have come from academic backgrounds ranging from the humanities to the physical sciences. It also attracts a large number of students from abroad as well as from various regions of the country.

This is an  interdisciplinary program that combines courses in Psychology, Economics and History through Choice Based Credit System syllabus as prescribed by the affiliated university- Bangalore University. 

Our program’s goals and objectives are aligned with the Undergraduate Psychology Learning Goals and Outcomes developed by the American Psychological Association. Psychology is a scientific discipline and a profession. As such, it is important that psychology majors:

-develop a strong research background and understanding of the scientific foundation of psychology.

-develop a knowledge base of human behavior across the broad areas of psychology.

-become aware of the applications of psychology in the professions associated with psychology.


By the time they graduate, students will:

-Demonstrate knowledge of the major theoretical approaches and findings in psychology

-Know the research methods used in psychology, apply their knowledge in research design, and data analysis

-Critically assess information related to the study of behavior and mental processes, and use the critical assessment in forming conclusions and arguments

-Develop tolerance for ambiguity and opinions that differ from their own

Students will also develop a set of skills that extend beyond the field of psychology. They will:

-Use technology for studying concepts and conducting research

-Communicate their ideas effectively in writing and orally

-Prepare a plan for how to use their undergraduate knowledge in the future as they prepare for graduate school or an occupation

  1. Basic Psychology Process I and Practical I
  2. Basic Psychology Process II and Practical II
  3. Child Psychology I and Practical III
  4. Development Psychology I and Practical III
  5. Child Psychology II and Practical IV
  6. Development Psychology II and Practical IV
  7. Counselling Psychology I
  8. Health Psychology I
  9. Social Psychology I
  10. Industrial and Organizational Psychology I
  11. Educational Psychology I
  12. Abnormal Psychology I
  13. Counselling Psychology II
  14. Health Psychology II
  15. Social Psychology II
  16. Industrial and Organizational Psychology II
  17. Educational Psychology II
  18. Abnormal Psychology II

Please refer to the prospectus for the updated curriculum in consideration with NEP implementation in Karnataka state.