NSIC is committed to the continuous improvement of its services and systems by employing the most advanced quality management processes available for academic institutions. NSIC is accredited by UKAS for its quality systems in education management.

As a quality-oriented institution, the college cares about the expectations of students as well as those of other stakeholders, and ensures that they are met. The college’s resources are optimised strategically to offer error-free and exceptional educational services and experiences. All departments are trained in, and dedicated to, the seamless procedures necessary to meet the required quality standards. The following are the areas of principal focus on quality:

• Responsiveness – willingness and readiness of staff to help students.

• Reliability – the degree to which education is accurate, relevant and meaningful.

• Understanding students – understanding our students as individuals and as learners.

• Access – the extent to which staff are available for guidance and advice.

• Competence – the theoretical and practical knowledge of staff, and other relevant skills.

• Courtesy – kindness and a positive attitude towards students.

• Communication – how well the students and professors communicate in class.

• Credibility – the degree to which trust can be placed in the institution.

• Security – confidentiality of information.

• Tangibility – the state, sufficiency and availability of equipment and facilities.

• Performance – the primary knowledge/skills required of the students.

• Completeness – supplementary knowledge/skills, and use of technology.