The New Shores three-year full-time Global Bachelor of Business Administration/Management degree (BBA/M) is renowned as the best undergraduate programme offered under Bangalore University.  Our Global BBA programme prepares students with cutting-edge skills for research and innovation in the field of management. With Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Innovation modules integrated into the curriculum, all BBA/M students at New Shores are poised to become remarkable young entrepreneurial leaders on graduation. An international internship, learning two foreign languages (German/Spanish), an opportunity to study at a top university in the world (under the International Student Exchange Programme) and learning from the regular visiting professors from top universities across the world together give 360-degree global exposure and make this programme a world-class business management degree.

To work effectively in a variety of organisational situations, administrators and managers must understand the complexities of organisational communication and the interrelationships that exist among the various functional groups impacting organisational welfare. This point of view is essential for managers who wish to both participate effectively with others in administrative and managerial groups, and also effectively administer and oversee activities in critical areas of responsibility. The programme provides the requisite skill sets for success in this demanding and increasingly international and diverse work environment.

Students in the program will:

  • Learn to apply the principles of analysis and decision-making that are essential to   effective management.
  • Gain an understanding of the impact on businesses of financial reporting processes and accounting systems control.
  • Imbibe research-driven problem-solving skills and apply them to achieving research project goals in the real world.
  • Develop individual and organisational leadership skills.
  • Recognise the ethical dimensions of business organisation and craft power strategies.
  • Develop entrepreneurial and organisation-building capabilities; identify and leverage entrepreneurial opportunities.

Below is the curriculum prescribed by Bangalore University for the BBA/M. The topics are spread across six semesters over three years. Students are required to undertake an exam each semester, as stipulated by Bangalore University. In addition to the curriculum below, BBA students follow the New Shores BBA Curriculum, and the New Shores Foundational Curriculum.

Fundamentals of Accounting
Business Organisation and Environment
Quantitative Methods for Business I & II
Market Behaviour & Cost Analysis
Management Process
Financial Accounting
Organizational Behavior
Productions and Operations Management
Entrepreneurial Management
Computer Applications in Business
Banking Regulations and Operations
Corporate Governance
Management Accounting Soft Skills for Business
Corporate Accounting
Human Resource Management
Services Management
Corporate Environment
Business Research Methods
Marketing Management
Financial Management
Business Regulations
Cost Accounting
International Business
Income Tax
Strategic Management

The curriculum below is in addition to that specified by Bangalore University for the BBA/M degree programmes. The New Shores curriculum is carefully structured to fill the gaps in the Bangalore University curriculum, and further augment the cumulative learning outcome of our students.

Training and Development
Performance Appraisal
Group Dynamics
Industrial Psychology
QT in Personnel Management
Macro-Economics & the Indian Economy
Foreign Direct Investment
International Strategy & Structure
Multi-Nationals & Global Alliances
Global HR Management
Nature & Value of Strategic Management
Strategic Management Process
Industry & Competitive Analysis
Strategic Analysis & Choice
Economics of Retailing
Retail Operations
Retail and Services Management
Managing Technology
Technology Strategy

The New Shores Foundational Curriculum (NSFC) provides the vital educational experience of understanding the self and its interaction with the world. The NSFC develops the real-world life skills which are missing in most college curricula. From enhancing critical-thinking capabilities to honing cross-cultural skills, the NSFC prepares students for life beyond the professional sphere. Below is a list of subjects covered by the NSFC.

Critical Thinking
Creative Thinking
Emotional Intelligence
Personal Knowledge Management
Behavioral Science
Interpretation and Assimilation
White Paper Exposition
Impression Management
Literature Appreciation
Culture Appreciation
Rhetoric and Literature
Personal Leadership
Personal Management
National Integration
Individual Social Responsibility
Life Lessons From street
Mythology I (Indian)
Mythology II (Greek)
Mythology III (Chinese)
Global Cultures and Trends
Foreign Language I *(German)
Foreign Language II *(Spanish)

The college also provides evening sessions for students who have busy schedules in the morning. Students can also take undertake the BBA by distance education.