The New Shores three-year Global Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) programme is designed to be superior to any engineering course in Karnataka. NSIC is one of the best BCA colleges in Bangalore, offering degree courses for the next generation of computer wizards. The cutting-edge curriculum is derived from the latest and predicted future trends of the computer world. The BCA department’s top focus is on practical and pragmatic computer application, outstanding internship, industry exposure and an exceptional emphasis on innovation in live projects. Bringing energetic and bright students together in our uniquely challenging environment makes our programmes a transformational experience for those who want to look above and beyond regular engineering courses in Bangalore.

Students in the Global BCA degree programme gain the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the rapidly evolving and dynamic field of computing.

  • Impart proficiency in the basic mathematics and programming methods as employed in computer science.
  • Provide knowledge of algorithms and explain their role in computer science.
  • Train participants in understanding and applying fundamental structured programming techniques.
  • Cultivate the ability to adapt to technological changes and innovations in the discipline.
  • Demonstrate the critical thinking and communication skills required in a technical environment.
  • Teach the appropriate computer application methods such as functional programming and object-oriented programming paradigms to enable participants to analyse, design, implement and evaluate computerised solutions (such as developing computer programmes) to real-life problems.
  • Enable participants to be part of live projects to implement and test their computer application skills and provide feedback and a roadmap for progress.
  • Help participants acquire the knowledge, skills, experience and values to become lifelong learners and be able to obtain employment in a computer-related field or go on to graduate study.

Below is the curriculum prescribed by Bangalore University for the BCA. The topics are spread across six semesters over three years. Students are required to undertake semester exams (written and practical) as stipulated by Bangalore University, alongside the curriculum below. BCA students also follow the Additional New Shores BCA Curriculum, and the New Shores Foundational Curriculum.

Computer Fundamentals
Programming Concepts Using C
Indian Language
Environmental Studies
Indian Constitution
OOPS Using C++
Data Base Management Systems
Operating Systems
Design & Analysis of Algorithms
Systems Programming
Data Structures Using C
Numerical Analysis and Linear Programming
Data communications & Networks
Visual Programming
UNIX Programming
Software Engineering
Computer Architecture
Banking and insurance
JAVA Programming
Soft Skills & Personality Development Lab
Computer Graphics
Web Programming

The curriculum below is additional to that specified by Bangalore University for the BCA degree programme. The New Shores curriculum is carefully structured to fill the gaps in the Bangalore University curriculum, and further augment the cumulative learning outcome of our students.

Technology Management
Mobile and Social Media Applications
Innovation Management
System Architecture
Micro Processors
Ethical Hacking
Gaming Technology Engineering
Artificial Intelligence
Automata, Computability, & Complexity
Micro/Nano Processing Technology
Cloud Computing
Embedded Systems Engineering
IT consulting & Management
Power Systems and Analysis
Network Analysis
Mobile Application
Cryptography and cryptanalysis
Advanced Operating Systems
Advanced Complexity Theory
Real Time Systems
Game Theory with Engineering Application

The New Shores Foundational Curriculum (NSFC) provides the vital educational experience of understanding the self and its interaction with the world. The NSFC develops the real-world life skills which are missing in most college curricula. From enhancing critical-thinking capabilities to honing cross-cultural skills, the NSFC prepares students for life beyond the professional sphere. Below is a list of subjects covered by the NSFC.

Critical Thinking
Creative Thinking
Emotional Intelligence
Personal Knowledge Management
Behavioral Science
Interpretation and Assimilation
White Paper Exposition
Impression Management
Literature Appreciation
Culture Appreciation
Rhetoric and Literature
Personal Leadership
Personal Management
National Integration
Individual Social Responsibility
Life lessons from street
Mythology I (Indian)
Mythology II (Greek)
Mythology III (Chinese)
Global Cultures and Trends
Foreign Language I *(German)
Foreign Language II *(Spanish)