The field of management consulting is demanding, stimulating, highly-compensated and growing rapidly. Students in New Shores programmes who want to pursue consulting careers will gain a deep understanding of the industry and its practices, and exceptional preparation for both internal and external consulting positions. They acquire strong consulting skills combined with a solid foundation through the Enterprise Management Consulting Project (EMCP).

The EMCP is the culmination of the core course and provides the opportunity for our students to apply their knowledge and skills in the real world. The host organisation identifies an important management issue that it would like investigated. A team of five New Shores students will work for a four-week period to analyse the issues and generate recommendations.

During this period, the students will have opportunities to be absorbed by host companies in full-time employment. As part of EMCPs, all student teams will meet with an advisory board composed of local business leaders several times throughout their tenure. Most EMCPs are within multinational firms in Bangalore but there are also some opportunities to undertake projects in other cities in India or abroad.